2 Reasons You Can’t Turn In Your Backswing

For most golfers a big backswing turn is something we all aim to achieve. However, for the majority this becomes a difficult task even with endless lessons and buckets of balls on the driving range. If your body physically doesn’t have the ability to create the turn you are looking for, as soon as a ball is teed up in front of you, it will revert back to type. For a lot of golfers this shows itself in a short “armsy” backswing or a lift and change of spinal angle as you desperately aim to gain more rotation. Below are the two key reasons why you’re not achieving that long, fluid backswing.


This has to be the most common issue we see in golfers and this comes in two ways. Firstly, any physical restriction in the ribcage and spinal area will limit your ability to rotate on the angle you are stood in (basically, your golf posture). If your body cannot keep turning it will lift up through the spine to compensate and aim to achieve that extra turn by making your spine taller. To a certain degree this works, but also comes with a risk of lower back pain due to the forces through your spine and also some inconsistencies in club path and angle of attack.

Secondly, a misunderstanding of what it means to rotate and stay in posture causes a lift of the spine as golfers try their best to turn more and more. Sometimes players over exaggerate how much turn they need and as a result they rotate out of posture and change their spinal angle once again. You will create more speed and power by maintaining spinal angle with a shorter backswing, than the opposite as described above.


Yes, believe it or not you need your legs top help your upper body rotate! The role of your lower body in the backswing is not only to create hip turn, but to keep you stable and fixed to the ground whilst your rotate at speed. If you are weaker or have a lack of stability through your pelvis and leg muscles then you are more likely to sway and lose upper body rotation as a result. To hit the ball further and more consistently, you must have solid foundations under neath you to propel that power.

Here we explain two reasons why you can’t turn in the backswing!

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