3 Of The Best Core Exercises For Golf

Believe it or not your ‘core’ consists of more than just your six pack abs that we often associate with ‘core exercises’. Physically there are many layers of muscle and tissues that make up what we traditionally think of as our core. The big three are Rectus Abdominis (six pack – outer layer), Transverse Abdominis (inner layer – behind six pack) and Internal and External Obliques (sit on the side of the ribcage).

As a golfer your core plays a huge part in how good a golfer you can be. Sounds bizarre, but your core dictates how much rotation you can achieve, the spinal angle you can maintain in posture and the one we all want more of; how much power and distance you can create. See below how your core can dictate your backswing position.

With the above in mind, it’s crucial if you want to lower your handicap and stay injury free then you must strengthen your core for golf! Here are three of the best core strengthening exercises you can try easily from home.


  1. Dead Bugs – this exercise builds strength in the Transverse Abdominis allowing you to control your pelvis more effectively, which will help you increase rotation around your spine. Aim for 10 reps each side.

2. Paloff Press – this exercise builds strength in the Rectus and Transverse Abdominis whilst in golf posture, allowing you to maintain a strong, stable set up position. Aim for 10 reps each side.

3. Side Plank – this exercise develops strength in the Obliques increasing the speed you can create when you rotate. Aim for 30-40 seconds each side.

There we are, three of the best core exercises you can do to improve your golf game. See if you can complete these two to three times per week and watch your club head speed increase! This is a small example of some of the exercises we offer in our coaching plans. Each plan has specific exercises designed to improve the physical errors we see in the golf swing. Take a look and see how Off Scratch can transform your golf for good.


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