5 Ball Set Up

Perfect your set up with every club!

Here is the easiest way to ensure you set up correctly with all your clubs on every shot. Place five balls in a line in front of you and start with Driver.

1. Driver set up
Line up in front of ball number one. This should mean the ball is high in your stance and roughly in line with your lead foot or instep.
2. Seven iron set up
Line up to ball number three (or the middle ball). This should mean your golf ball is now towards the middle / front of your stance.
3. Wedge set up
Line up to ball number five, the final ball. You should now have your ball towards the middle / back of your stance.

Fill in the gaps

In the above images we have only mentioned driver, seven iron and wedge. You might be wondering about the rest of your bag! Simply fill in the gaps. For example ball one to three is for driver, woods and long irons. Ball three to five is for seven iron and below.

Practice this set up routine until you feel you you can replicate this for any shot, without the five balls in front of you. This will help you nail a strong, consistent set up throughout your bag.

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