At Off Scratch we believe in creating better golfers and enhanced golf performance by focusing on more than just technique. We understand how frustrating the journey of golf improvement can be and our experience has confirmed; in order to maximise your performance, a holistic approach is required. We have worked with many golfers who have significantly improved their games by combining golf specific exercise with golf coaching. Our aim is to provide you with long lasting changes by linking physical factors with the key technical elements of the golf swing.

Our performance plans are designed with all golfers in mind. We have created a series of easy to follow videos that any golfer can benefit from. You don’t need to be a gym goer or a hardcore practicer, you can work on your game in your own time and at your own pace. Whether you are new to the game or a serious golfer, we will help you become the best player you can be.

Meet your Instructors

Alex Elliott

PGA Professional Golf Coach

Golf has been a real passion of mine from the age of 8 years old. I instantly loved the sport and like every young golfer, I aspired to play on the European and PGA tours. By the age of 18 I had reached a handicap of +2. After some time playing in smaller and regional events, I soon realised there was a higher level to what I was playing at and my game wasn’t good enough for that standard.

However, as one door closed another one opened and I found myself with the opportunity to caddy on the European and Challenge Tours. I caddied out on tour for 4 years and also experienced victory on the bag in a Challenge Tour event. 

As well as the success of that win, the experience I gained as a golfer and the opportunity to learn from the best players and coaches was second to none. Being in that company week in week out confirmed I wanted to be a coach and help others progress. Now as a fully qualified PGA professional I feel I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the best information and practical application to help any golfer to improve.

Since becoming a PGA professional I have continued to further my education attending various workshops and courses and understanding the role of fitness in the golf swing. I have also built a successful YouTube channel delivering golf coaching videos which has amassed an audience of over 100,000 followers. Recently I have been named one of the youngest Golf Monthly Top 50 coaches in the UK, which was a huge honour for me and one I am proud to have achieved.


  • PGA Golf Professional 
  • Golf Monthly Top 50 Coach 
  • Mind Factor Coach
  • European Tour Caddy

Natalie Lowe

TPI Level 3 Certified Fitness Coach

I started playing golf aged 15 and I was instantly hooked. I played many sports growing up but the minute I started playing golf I fell in love with it. I turned pro aged 22 off a handicap of +2 and set out to get my Ladies European Tour card. After a couple of seasons on smaller tours I decided I wasn’t good enough to compete at the top level and qualified as a strength & conditioning coach. Since 2014 I have built a golf fitness business working with hundreds of golfers from tour pro’s to weekend warriors, helping them improve their physical fitness in relation to golf. It’s during this time I met Alex and we built a partnership helping our clients.

I am very passionate about fitness and golf. I love biomechanics and how the intricacies of movement impact the way we walk and swing a golf club. Over the last ten years I have spent a significant amount of time achieving various qualifications and developing my knowledge of anatomy and golf swing technique. I have also recently been featured as a golf fitness coach in Today’s Golfer magazine, providing fitness information across the UK. The key for me is helping golfers connect fitness to their game and seeing the impact this has on their golf and health.


  • TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Coach
  • UKSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • FRC Practitioner
  • Stick Mobility Level 1