Drive For Dough!

I bet you have never said the sentence ‘I wish I could hit it shorter’ no, I thought not. If you are one of thousands of golfers who wishes they could hit the ball further, then feast your eyes over the next few paragraphs!

Bry Roberts, remember the name. I certainly did when I stood up next to him and realised the sheer height comparison between us. There is no wonder he can reach ball speeds of over 220mph and distances of 380 yards on average!!

Bry is currently the European Long Drive champion, but his success is not just stopping there. Bry is looking to take his game one step further this season by competing in events including the Nations Cup in France and the German long drive in Düsseldorf. Bry aims to take the win at all the events and Nat and I have no doubt about it that he can go all the way!

How Can I Gain Distance?

What most of us are probably wanting to know is how does he actually hit it so far? We have heard all about Bryson DeChambeau’s transformation and let’s be honest, we would all want to emulate a small amount of his game, but this is how Bry does it…

Bry sets up a long way behind the golf ball with a LOT of spine tilt. From here Bry turns in the backswing with a huge extension of his spine and the easiest way to think about this is the distance between your belt buckle and your sternum increasing. This creates a wider arc and a greater turn, which means BINGO! More speed and power. Just what you need when you’re trying to hit it over 400 yards!

Now if that sounds impressive, as he starts his downswing and comes into impact his left heel is off the ground, yes, you heard me right, it is off the ground! His left heel moves back 2 or 3 feet, this is 100% the definition of using the ground. Now can you start to see how he is driving that ball so far? I have never seen anything like it, I can only achieve ball speeds of around 170 mph in comparison, and that is on a good day!

What’s In The Bag?

Let’s talk about Bry’s driver, as I am sure you are all wanting to know his set up. Bry games a Callaway Rogue reinforced head with a 47-inch shaft and 2 degrees loft. What a mouthful. Now imagine this in my arms when I stand at a whopping 5ft 7! I was surprised to see a regular shaft and I was impressed by the whip you could feel on the golf club. Oh, and just to confirm I did say 2 degrees of loft! Nat only just got it airborne, but a few daisies lost their heads along the way!

Bry puts his huge distance down to power lifting in his early days. This has given him the strength required for explosive movements.  For most people this might not be achievable, but you can learn to increase your speed with the Off Scratch ‘Bring Back Your Speed’ course. The main focus is to gain a fuller turn in the backswing and rotate in the downswing. I have found serious improvements in this with help from Nat and shared it with my Dad of 62 who has gained 20mph increase in ball speed. If a man of 62 can do it, anyone can!! (Sorry Dad!). We both wish Bry the best of luck for his upcoming events and we look forward to keeping an eye on his progress over the next few months.


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