Fix Your Early Extension!

This is the best way to fix your early extension!

This drill is all about preventing your weight falling towards your toes into impact. It’s the lifting of the heels and thrusting forwards of the pelvis that creates that classic ‘early extension’ position we all hate. When you thrust forwards, your posture rises and the club path changes. The strike becomes thin, heely and with driver kills your distance. So let’s fix it…

This is such a great drill to instantly create the opposite ‘feels’ to early extending. The key is to push your lead heel into the stick and make sure you maintain that contact for as long as possible. In the image above right, you can see Alex has his left (lead) heel still on top of the stick as he makes contact with the ball. We expect the heel to lift slightly as you complete your follow through. Your goal is to keep that pressure until the ball has been hit!

If you don’t have an alignment stick, don’t worry, you can use a long iron or old club on the ground. Start this drill with your wedges and build your way up. We recommend taking shorter, slower swings to engrain the feeling and make sure you can maintain contact on the stick. The longer the club, the harder this will become. Start with 10-20 balls each practice session and then move on to playing some regular shots and hitting to targets, keeping that same feeling in mind. Early extension fixed in no time!


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