Get Back Your Posture!

Poor Posture Is A Common Problem

Need a very quick and easy solution to improving your posture? Of course you do, so look no further! One of the biggest mistakes we see across many amateur golfers is a loss of posture throughout the swing. Particularly into impact, which should be your strongest position. If you’re standing up into the ball, then that is called early extension and we have a simple solution to help you improve that!

Why is good posture so important?

If you want to be a good ball striker and hit the ball a long way, you must maintain the correct angles with your body. A change of posture in the backswing often leads to trouble in the downswing. Your body is trying to rearrange the position you put yourself in, which in terms of shot shape can produce a slice and a hook! However, a change of posture coming into the ball typically affects the strike on the club face, which in turn effects your distance.

When you thrust towards the ball, you’re early extending. As the hips push forwards, your torso reacts and extends. As a result, the club lifts upwards as well (because your arms are attached to your torso!) – meaning you miss that strong, descending blow onto the back of the ball. In order to avoid this happening you must setup strong to every shot and be able to keep your hips back (or a hinge as it’s known). The same thing must happen into impact – your hips stay behind as your torso rotates and the club lags for a crushing strike!

The One Minute Posture Fix!

In the exercise below Alex is demonstrating how to create the hinge position (a basic version of the Romanian Deadlift) using a driver. The key to this drill is to maintain your angles, especially through the spine. You can see Alex keeps a neutral spine, whilst pushing his hips behind his heels. When you find this position, you will feel your hamstrings and core engage. Take it slow and focus on the technique. As you stand tall at the end of the rep, squeeze and engage your glutes. Try this for 10-15 reps before practice or while you’re waiting on the tee box for stronger posture and a powerful impact!

If you’re looking for more ways to fix early extension, don’t forget to read some of our recent posts ‘The Truth About Early Extension’, ‘Stop Standing Up’ and ‘The Best Early Extension Exercise’, plus many more. Better still, you can check out our Eliminate Early Extension plan and trial the first week for FREE!


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