Get Up & Down!

Par 18!

Practicing your short game can be extremely boring, unless you’re having a chipping comp with your mates for a coffee (or a beer!), which always brings an element of competition and fun! However, this up and down game will make short game practice challenging and productive even when you’re on your own.

The Rules!

The aim of the game is to get up and down in two shots, simple enough right? That’s the gold standard out on the course. However, that would be too easy, so we have added a twist!

For each hole you must play two balls. Aim to chip or pitch each ball as close as you can. Once you have played both balls decide which shot is closer to the hole and remove this one out of the game. You are then left with your worst shot of the two and this is the putt you have to hole! There are 9 holes to play and your goal is to score 18 (or better if you happen to chip in!).

Par 18 is a tricky game as it is, however this slight twist makes it even more challenging. Plus if you can get your worst ball up and down, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to get your first ball up and down. Good practice is all about making it harder than the real thing. You don’t get a second go on the course, so we’re helping you make sure you never need it!

Mix it up!

Try to play a variety of shots with as many different clubs as you can. Play pitch shots, bunker shots, flop shots and bump and runs. Basically any shot you think you may encounter on your golf course, get it played! The harder the better! This practice game is all about making it harder than the real thing! After a few goes, you’ll be surprised how quickly your short game will improve!

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