Hit Down With your Irons

Use this trick to compress each shot!

This is a really easy way to start hitting down on your irons. There’s no nicer feeling than that crisp, descending blow with a perfect divot. Probably one of the best feelings in golf (besides holing a long putt!). Most of us struggle to create solid iron shots on a consistent basis. It feels like it’s reserved for only the ‘ball strikers’. But it doesn’t need to be. You can become a ball striker! Take a look below.

  1. Place your towel on the ground behind your trail foot. You might want to pin it down with a tee peg if it’s windy!
  2. The shorter the club, the closer the ball will start to the towel – to encourage you to hit down on it more. Start with a wedge and place the ball 1 & 1/2 club heads away from the towel (club head horizontal not vertical)
  3. Take your 7 iron measure 2 & 1/2 club heads away from the towel and place your ball
  4. Take your 5 iron and measure 3 & 1/2 club heads away from the towel and place your ball.

avoid hitting the towel!

The idea of this drill is to avoid hitting the towel as you descend into impact. The closer your ball is to the towel, the steeper you need to be in your downswing to avoid hitting the towel! The steeper you get, the more likely you are to get that strong compression out of each shot! Exactly what we are looking for to achieve those professional looking divots!

The longer the club, the further away from the towel you need to be. This allows space for the club into impact and because it’s longer, we don’t need to be as steep. The great thing about this drill, is it will stop you hitting it FAT as well! We all hate a fat or a duff. If you hit the towel, you have effectively duffed it. So, the towel plays multiple roles here. Making this is a perfect range drill to dial in your irons!

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