Must Do Golf Exercise!

Build Your Lower Body Strength!

One of the big differences between Off Scratch coaching and regular golf lessons is how much we stress the importance of golf fitness and why this develops your golf game. It’s one of the biggest reasons why our golfers progress faster and lower their handicaps more than ever before.

If you are stronger and mobile, particularly in your hips, legs and glutes, then you are more likely to hit the ball further. The lessons in our Eliminate Early Extension plan are paired with exercises that you need to do in order to master the technique changes. In this article we have a quick and easy exercise, using only your wedge that will develop your lower body strength and prevent any unwanted downswing moves!

Simple Lunge

The key to this exercise is to drive your heel down on to the wedge, keeping it tight in position. You should feel some weight on your heel as you lunge and allow your knee to push forwards. Another technique tip is to keep your upper body roughly parallel over your hips. The far right picture demonstrates this. There should be minimal forwards lean of the trunk and limited arch of the butt backwards. This will keep you in a strong position to really drive up off the wedge powerfully.

What To Avoid

Aim to complete 10-15 reps on each leg. If you are struggling for balance you can lean against the side of a wall or use a long iron to rest on. If you find this exercise fairly easy, then don’t be afraid to add weight. Use a dumbbell or kettlebell to hold in one hand or both hands. If you’re lacking in gym equipment, then load a backpack full of water bottles and that will soon add a few kilos extra! Practice this two to three times per week for maximum gains!

Pair this exercise with our golf lesson using your wedge in the same way. Take a look how in last week’s article ‘Simple Wedge Trick To Avoid Early Extension’.


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