Not Crushing Your Irons?

Is there a more satisfying feeling in golf than flushing an iron, taking a crisp divot and watching your ball land on to the green, maybe even with some backspin? We think not. There’s nothing better than knowing you crushed that iron shot and it’s going exactly where you wanted it to, setting up a birdie chance when you head to the green. But…what if you’re not crushing your irons and not even striking them at all? Well, you might be surprised to hear that the problems don’t all lie in your technique.

It’s very difficult to deliver the club to the back of the ball consistently if you lack mobility and strength. In fact, your body will make compensations in order to try and achieve the movement you are aiming for. For example, if you lack upper body rotation and you can’t separate your upper and lower body correctly; you are more likely to swing the club ‘over the top’. This results in mis struck iron shots and a regular slice shape.


If you’re hitting lots of balls on the driving range and working on your technique, but not seeing any rewards, then we can guarantee you need to improve physically to make the gains in technique. All golfers we work with see huge improvements in distance, strike and lower their handicaps faster than ever before. Our combination of basic exercises that are specifically designed to improve the movements of the golf swing matched with technique lessons is exactly what you need to become the best golfer you can. It’s much easier than you think!

If you want to make serious gains in your golf game, take a look at our consistent irons plan. You can also trial the first week of any plan for FREE!


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