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7 Week Plan

7 Golf Lessons

10 Exercises

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What Will I Learn?

This free trial of the Early Extension Plan includes the first week’s lessons. To access the full version of the plan, click the “Buy The Full Plan” button.

Early extension, thrusting forwards, standing up! Whatever you want to call it, it’s incredibly annoying. It creates inconsistent strikes and slashes distance off your shots. We know Early Extension is more often than not caused by physical limitations which promote the standing up position. If this sounds like your golf game, then you need this plan!

The next 7 weeks are designed to transform your impact position from weak and inconsistent to strong and powerful with all your clubs. In this plan we have combined 7 on course tutorials with 10 exercises to help you improve your strength and power whilst implementing the key moves to dominate impact and avoid standing up once and for all!

The best thing about this plan is we’ve created shorter, more compact videos that you can fit in around your daily life. You can also do the exercises from home with minimal equipment or in the gym with a range of kit. We aim to have you playing your best golf within 7 weeks and we know eliminating early extension is the route to that!

What Will I need?

  • Access to a driving range or practice facility
  • Alignment sticks
  • Resistance band (15-35lb strength)
  • Gym ball (optional)
  • Gym mat (optional)
  • Dumbbells or Kettlebells (optional)
  • Smartphone or tablet to watch the videos

Plan Instructors

Alex Elliott Alex Elliott Author

Having experienced a slice of European tour life I felt like I could simplify coaching through my exposure to elite level golfers and coaches. I used this knowledge to deliver information to everyday club golfers looking to get the maximum out of their game. My role as one half of the Off Scratch team is bridging that gap between the physical golf swing and the actual golf game into simple golf tips that every golfer can benefit from.

Natalie Lowe Natalie Lowe Author

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of golfers from tour players to club golfers helping them to improve their mobility, strength and speed. As an ex professional golfer, I felt there was a lack of knowledge and availability for good fitness information and practical application that was specific to golf. My role as one half of the Off Scratch team is to help you understand how your body impacts your golf swing and how you can use our golf specific exercises to improve your health, fitness and golfing performance.

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Eliminate Early Extension Plan Trial


Eliminate Early Extension FREE Trial

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