Simple Wedge Trick To Fix Early Extension!

Quick and effective!

This is one of our favourite bang for your buck practice drills to beat early extension! We know practice can be hard to come by when you’re busy with day to day life, so we are conscious to provide you with new and inventive ways to develop your golf without the hours of effort!

All you need is a wedge!

To nail this drill, all you need is a wedge. Ideally anything between 50-60 degree, so it sits flatter to the ground. The purpose of the wedge is to encourage your body to remain in posture by pressing down your heel. This prevents your weight shifting on to your toes at impact.

Use a tee peg!

Hitting balls with a wedge under your foot will feel very strange to begin with. You will notice in the images Alex is using Driver. This drill is much easier to perfect with the ball on a tee peg, so we recommend using a hybrid, wood or your Driver to practice.

Start with practice swings, it will feel very unnatural and potentially throw you off balance initially. Once you feel you can drive the wedge into the ground with your heel and keep it there with a full speed swing, move on to hitting some shots.

Be strong and avoid dropping the wedge as shown above. Work on this for 20-30 balls and then hit some regular shots without the wedge. You should instantly feel a difference in your weight and posture. Aim to bring that new sensation into all your swings and you’ll be crushing it at impact, adding yards and dropping your handicap in no time!

If you’re looking for more ways to fix early extension, don’t forget to read some of our recent posts ‘The Truth About Early Extension’, ‘The Best Early Extension Exercise’ and ‘Get Back Your Posture’ plus many more. Next week, we will share a physical exercise to build leg strength using the wedge once again!

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