Sweep Driver To Hit Bombs!

Hit on the up to add yardage and extra carry distance!

Do you maximise distance out of your driver? Probably not I would say. In my experience so many golfers are losing height and distance with their driver because they are hitting down on it. As a result the carry distance is down and when the weather is bad, this is exaggerated even more. I have an easy way you can start to hit up on driver. This towel drill will instantly gain you height and yardage! Take a look.

Let’s set this practice drill up for you

  1. Fold your towel in half – you may need to peg it down if it’s windy!
  2. Place the towel 3 driver club heads away from your ball. If you are at the driving range and you don’t have space, use a head cover lying on its side. Just don’t hit it down the range!!
  3. Rip the ball away avoiding hitting the towel. This will force you to hit your drive up on the arc. If you get this wrong and hit down on it, you will clip the towel on your follow through!
Smash it on the up and watch your drives fly further than ever!

For more ripped drives and yardage gains, check out our Bring Back Your Speed plan. This plan includes more drills like the above but also all the exercises you need to gain strength and extra mobility. Both of those components mean you’ll be the last to hit on every fairway!


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