The Key To A Powerful Downswing

Your Backswing is Already Good Enough!

I’ve been a PGA pro for many years now and I’ve coached hundreds of golfers during that time. One of my biggest observations is how much time golfers spend working on their backswings and how little time they spend improving their downswing. Of course the backswing has huge impact on the downswing positions you can achieve. But I believe you can make huge improvements to your game by spending more time creating a powerful downswing and follow through and spend less time worrying about your backswing.

Most of the time your backswing will be good enough to allow you to get in good enough downswing positions. I know you will make huge gains in your strike and distance by perfecting this simple move!

It’s all about sequencing!

Not all powerful golfers have good sequencing, but all golfers with the correct sequencing have the ability to be powerful! When your golf swing is in the correct sequence, you will deliver the club consistently and you’re in the most powerful positions your body can create. The secret to correct sequencing, is to nail this one key move!

Separation is what it’s all about!

Allowing your lead hip to separate as the first move into your downswing is creating the correct sequence for your golf swing. As a feeling pull your lead pocket away from your upper body whilst keeping the upper body in position. You should feel a big stretch and tension in the core. This movement allows space for the upper body to move into and physically is a HUGE generator of speed and power aka BOMBED DRIVES! Practice this slowly for reps and you will be stopping early extension and adding yardage off the tee quicker than you think!

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