Welcome to Off Scratch!

Welcome to the very first Off Scratch blog post! We are incredibly excited to be writing this and even more excited to have launched Off Scratch to golfers of the world! But before we go any further let’s introduce ourselves and give you a quick rundown of what this is all about…!

Firstly, our team is made up of golf fitness trainer Nat (the brains) and PGA professional Alex (the beauty!) Although some might say those titles should be reversed! Together we have developed Off Scratch to provide you with the most comprehensive and holistic form of golf coaching out there. We know combining golf specific exercise with golf tuition is the most effective way to practice and the fastest way to improve. So, we have developed easy to follow video plans under varying topics to help you become the best golfer you can be. Our first three plans are now available in the ‘Coaching Plans’ area – be sure to check them out!

What To Expect?

So, what else can you expect from us? Well alongside our brilliant coaching plans you will find loads more golfing content all over our website to guide you each week out on the course. Every month we will be posting in our blog with the latest news, special guest features and tips of the month. We have some exciting guests coming up who are all experts in their fields. We’ll be spending time with golf physios, sports nutritionists, long drive champions and professional golfers to name a few. Not only will they be providing bucket loads of advice, but they will also have a unique challenge for us to go head-to-head against each other. Something tells me this could get competitive…?!

Oh, and not to forget we’ll give you updates on how our own golf games are going because we are golfers just like you too! Currently Nat definitely has a dodgy handicap and Alex is not helping her with grip, like she requested! Sounds like dirty tactics; told you this would be competitive!

So, we will say a massive hello and thank you for joining us on this journey. To find out more about us be sure to watch the coaches Q&A video in the ‘About Us” section. While you’re at it don’t forget to join our mailing list and become part of the Off Scratch Community where you will meet a friendly group of like-minded golfers. If you’re on social media, you can find video snippets and top tips on our Instagram page @offscratchgolf_ and our Facebook page @offscratchgolf. Give us a follow, ask some questions and we look forward to seeing you there!

For now, Alex has some DIY to do (painting his new house to be precise!) and Nat has Coronation Street to catch up on (and that’s not a joke!!)


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