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What Makes Us Different?

Traditional golf coaching focuses on technique in isolation. But, to maximise your performance out on the course, your technique and body must both be at their peak. This is the Off Scratch difference.

Our performance coaching plans blend elite level technique coaching and golf specific fitness training that is tailored for golfers of all ability levels.

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Who Are We?

The Off Scratch team are led by PGA Pro top 50 coach Alex Elliott and TPI Certified Golf Fitness Trainer, Natalie Lowe; who have both played at the professional level.

With many years of individual experience coaching hundreds of golfers in person, as well as tens of thousands through their online platforms, Alex and Natalie saw an opportunity to help golfers improve further. Realising that combining their proven individual coaching approaches would create performance plans like no other, Off Scratch was born.

Our Golf Performance Coaching Plans

What Do You Want To Improve?

Each Off Scratch performance plan focuses on the drastic improvement of a single aspect of your game by teaching you the right technique and the physical training you’ll need to perfect it.

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Get Back Into Golf Guide

Are you just getting back into golf? Maybe you have had a break away from the game or you haven’t played due to injury or poor weather. Our Get Back into Golf Guide is a series of three short, snappy videos covering all the fundamentals every good golf swing needs. Along with the technique must do’s, we also have your body covered with some easy to implement exercises that are sure to improve your mobility.

Winter Practice Guide

Boring winter practice no more! We have listened to what golfers struggle with and produced our Winter Golf Guide. This plan is all about making progress during the colder months whilst keeping it fun and refreshing.

Stop Your Slice

A slice or block is the most common shot we see golfers hit and we know how frustrating it can be. Over 5 weeks we’ll guide you through a series of short tutorial videos all designed to tackle the key factors physically and technically that contribute to the slice shot.

A Guide To Consistent Iron Shots

There’s no better feeling in golf than standing in the fairway striking a crisp, pure iron shot bang out of the middle of the face. This plan will teach you how to start striking ball then turf, produce stronger ball flights and create that consistency you need with long and short irons.

Bring Back Your Speed

Nobody wants to hit the ball shorter. Maybe you have lost distance from the tee, or your irons aren’t carrying as far as they used to. This plan is for any golfer of any age who wants to bring back some distance from the tee and the fairway.

Eliminate Early Extension

Early extension, thrusting forwards, standing up! Whatever you want to call it, it’s incredibly annoying. It creates inconsistent strikes and slashes distance off your shots. We know Early Extension is more often than not caused by physical limitations which promote the standing up position. If this sounds like your golf game, then you need this plan!

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